"Amazing Results!
Balance of mind, body, and spirit.
Harmony is Bliss....
More than a place to train.
In a fast paced world, it's important to focus and consistently achieve.
For clarity and improved health this is the place to get Fit.
So Thankful!"

Karen Alphonse

Kendra Smith - MuDoKai Black Belt

"I wouldn't be the person I am today without the leadership  of these fine people. A thousand thank yous, Sensei Mason."

Kendra Smith

Bob Brigida Photo

"I have had training at other schools. This is the best All Around school I've ever tried. My 8 year old daughter trains as well, and this type of training has improved her skills outside of karate. Even my 4 year old has tried the "Little Dragons" class. Highly recommended."

Bob Brigida

"My wife and I were very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge displayed by staff at this studio. The amount of information given to us made our choice very easy. We consider this center 'World Class'".

William Collins

"I started karate when I was three, and ever since I went there I always thought of it as my home. It welcomed me in and taught me a lot. In 1990 I was ranked 4th in the state and I feel great about myself. Thank you Karate."

Joshua Meyer

(Joshua went on to be a Black Belt National Champion. earn his 3rd Degree Black Belt, graduate college and earn a degree in law)

"Training for every ability and skill level...  You will learn skills that will benefit you for a lifetime!"

Patrick Osborne

  • Police Sergeant Sensei Doug Powell (2nd Dan Black Belt) has taught at the Police Academy in Fort Lauderdale.

  • Sensei Carmine Downey (5th Dan Black Belt) teaches for the department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

  • Sensei Neal Fleisig (2nd Dan Black Belt) developed the Professional Crisis Management system for use by educators and human service providers who are serious about the crisis management of aggressive, disruptive and self-injurious behaviors. PCM, a Behavioral Approach to Crisis Management, includes Crisis Prevention, Crisis De-escalation, Crisis Intervention, and Post-Crisis Intervention components.

All are students of Shihan Robert Mason at the University Karate Center.