New Students


The American International Karate Institute always welcomes New Students!

Pick the Program that suits you the best. If you would like help determining which classes suit you the best, we would be happy to offer assistance in making that decision.


Our System

The system we teach is called Mugendo (Unlimited Way). Our style of Mugendo is called Mu Do Kai and involves a complete martial arts system. Read a brief History of Karate here!






For Adult (ages 14+) and Junior (ages 6-13)  students we address training from three perspectives:

1) Personal Growth: Physical, emotional and psychological development using Martial Arts as a medium for practice.

2) Physical Fitness: Cardio, stamina, flexibility and agility. Championship training for competition.

3) Self-Defense: Defense against unarmed & armed assailants, multiple attack & ground fighting strategies.




karate tigerslittle dragons


For Children, Karate Tigers (ages 4-5) and Little Dragons (ages 3-4), the MuDoKai Karate curriculum that we teach is specifically designed to teach how to focus and concentrate, how to pay attention and how to listen to directions and follow them. Children develop confidence, discipline and self-control, while getting into great shape and learning self-defense skills.