A View From The Real World


Teaching Karate was the first thing that instilled in me the desire to be an educator at all. Despite other teachers I've had throughout life, it was the consistency and skill of my Karate teachers that taught me the true importance of a teacher. Outside of my university, UKC was the only place where I knew, beyond a doubt, that my teachers could control a classroom, respected their students, and absolutely knew their subject matter. To have teachers who still consider themselves students brings a level of honesty and integrity to a classroom that students recognize and appreciate, even subconsciously. An educational system that believes the title "teacher," Sensei, is a distinctive and hard-earned honor has given me

some of the best role models for my career path.

There are so many small things that have become so big, now that I think about them in a (slightly) more mature way: Drills have taught me that sometimes success takes many tries; slow progression is often the best way to develop a new skill; there really is value in a good push-up; the ability to defend oneself can translate into the ability to expand oneself. Perhaps best of all, Karate has given me a community that I can depend on. I know that, no matter where my new adult life takes me, I can always come back to UKC to visit with old friends and teachers and freshen up the skills that have taken me so far. Who knows where they will take me next?

© Sensei Emily Snyder