Respecting the Dojo ™

June 2016

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Most of us have been hearing the word “Dojo” since the first day we entered a Martial Arts school. The name Dojo originally meant “place of enlightenment.” Long ago Japanese warriors thought this would be a good name for the large rooms in which they practiced the Martial Arts. Over the years, Dojo has become the name for anyplace that Japanese “Do” (way) arts like judo, aikido, mugendo and karate-do are studied and practiced.


June 2016 Newsletter 002

(Above:  Sparring can be dangerous without the observation of Dojo etiquette)

Some things about the Martial Arts have changed since the early years; however, the idea that Martial Arts mastery brings enlightenment hasn’t changed. Martial Artists must be in touch with themselves and everything around them if they want to successfully live according to the ideals of wisdom, responsibility, and humility, to name a few. Today, the place where we study these Martial Arts ideals, techniques, forms and disciplines is our Dojo.


June 2016 Newsletter 003

(Above: Even young children can learn and thrive within the discipline of the dojo!)

Even young children can learn and thrive within the discipline of the DojoIt’s clear that the Dojo has an important role in the Martial Arts, and in the lives of Martial Artists. Special rules are needed to help it fulfill that role and to keep it a safe, focused environment for serious Martial Arts training.

The discipline, responsibility, and humility learned in the Dojo will serve you throughout life. Respect the Dojo, and make your challenging journey to Black Belt and beyond a smooth one. Shihan Mason and all of the Sensei are here to help you practice and understand the “unlimited way” of the Mudokai.


© 2016 Shihan Robert H. Mason