The Schools within the School


November 2016



Since we teach the Mugendo system at University Karate Center, we can consider that there are several schools within the school. Mugendo means ”unlimited way”, so that all martial arts principals are included in our training.

MuDoKai Martial Arts basics are taught daily and form the basis of our training. For adult students we offer kickboxing MMA classes two days a week. These classes are a useful introduction to martial arts for adults (14 and older) looking for a fun and intense workout, but who do not necessarily feel ready to begin martial arts training within our structured curriculum. They are also a great training tool for adult martial arts students looking to build up their cardio conditioning and hone their skills in the circuit training portion of the workout. The Friday morning class is similar to the circuit training portion of the MMA class, except that the dress code is Karate pants with belt and a school tee shirt, and the last 15 minutes of class includes sparring.

November2016 002

(Some happy students with their medals from our recent Shiaii Dojo tournament, along with the Sensei who judged our event. Students could compete in Basics, Forms, Sparring and Weapons)

The Adult classes include a focus on adult self defense applications, and allow more development of the students’ knowledge of Jiu Jutsu. Our Mudokai style draws on techniques from the Shindo Yoshin Ryu Aikijujutsu system. My Sensei’s Sensei, Professor Hironori Ohtsuka was the Grandmaster of this style, before he founded the Wado Ryu Karate style which combined Karate and Jiu Jutsu.

On Monday nights we offer Kobudo, practice in the art of Okinawan weapons for Adult Black Belt Club and Charter Members. Junior students who are members of the Black Belt Club have their own Kobudo classes on Thursdays.

November2016 003

(Sensei Fernandez grapples with Sensei Ahearn)

For the more advanced Martial Arts students, classes are offered weekly in Kata (Forms) and Strategy (Sparring). These classes allow junior and adult students to meet the criteria for promotion through the MuDoKai ranks to Black Belt and beyond. They also offer a training regimen to prepare for martial arts tournaments, should that be within the student’s realm of interest.

Our goal is to train Martial Artists who can cope with attacks utilizing all three major martial arts principals:
Striking, which includes all punches, kicks, blocks and strikes.
Taking the foundation, which includes all sweeps, throws, takedowns, projections, kickthroughs, kneeldowns and stepdowns.
Taking a limb, which includes all arm, wrist and finger locks, leg, ankle and toe locks, neck and head locks and grappling techniques.

We have it all available for you, your friends and family. As you train and benefit from our program we hope you will take the opportunity to recommend University Karate Center to those who might be interested in our broad and thorough curriculum.

Shihan Robert H. Mason, © 2016