The Tao of Kaizen

The Path of Constant and Never-ending Improvement


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The true foundation of Kaizen or constant and never-ending improvement begins with precise and specific target selection. The successful martial artist is very precise in words, action and deeds. Although success begins with precise and specific goal setting and action plans, that is just the beginning and it is the daily ability to implement specific actions that truly separates the successful person from the others.

As a beginner, it looks like an impossible task to master the skills that are required to earn the rank of Black Belt and yet it is achieved one step at a time as the students tries to learn and improve a few things at a time. There, under the watchful eyes of his Sensei, he slowly forms into a person deserving of a Black Belt ranking.

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(Sensei Hannaly Altwal)

The modern martial artist always knows where he is and where he is going at all times. Since we live in a rapidly changing world, our targets are constantly moving. A wise objective today may be a fool’s goal tomorrow so it is imperative that one re-evaluates on an ongoing basis. While a martial artist works on being able to generate extreme force on specific targets for maximum effect, it is the target selection process that is constantly changing as openings and opportunities present themselves and disappear on an ongoing and fluid basis. We quickly learn that perfect accuracy on the wrong target is a waste of skill and resources. The martial artist constantly updates objectives and targets based on constantly changing information.

By being innovative and creative while seeing every challenge as an opportunity for achievement and a path for future growth the modern martial artist is future thinking and never looks back. Living on the cutting edge of creativity, and using positive, active growth tactics bring his future to him as he has already determined it should be through proactive strategic planning and implementation.

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