Some Ideas for Eating for Health in 2017


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Recently my friend Kyoshi Dave Kovar posted an interesting item on facebook. Since we share common ground on this issue I figured I’d put it here for you to read in his own words. His post articulates why he encourages a vegetarian diet, but, like me, he understands why some people will always believe that meat is an important part of their diet, lifestyle and family tradition. Shihan Robert Mason Those of you that know me personally, and those of you on Facebook that might occasionally read my posts are probably aware of the fact that I usually avoid controversy. I certainly have opinions, very strong ones, but I also know that most people are very set in their ways and could care less what I think. Also, I would like to believe that if I choose my battles wisely, I stand a better chance of having people listen when I do choose to stand up for a cause that I believe in. Thus, I hope you will keep an open mind and hear me out now and then possibly accept the challenge that I will present to you.
I have not eaten any meat of any kind (fish and chicken included) since 1989. I gave it up for health reasons...I gave it up for moral reasons...and I gave it up for ecological reasons. If I lived in a different time or place where animals lived freely and eating meat was necessary for survival I would do it without hesitation, but I don't.
kyoshi dave kovar
From a health standpoint, you simply don't need to consume meat to live healthy. As a matter of fact, research shows us that a well balanced plant based diet is extremely healthy.

From a moral standpoint, the way our livestock is raised (factory farming) is in most cases, deplorable.  If you treated your dog like we treat livestock, you could be put in jail for animal abuse, literally. (I'm not making this up, really)

From an ecological standpoint, our obsession with meat consumption is one of the leading causes of deforestation, methane gas emissions, nitrous oxide emissions, water shortages, over fishing, species extinction and pollution to name a few.

My challenge to my meat eating friends is...Would you do your own research on factory farming and the effects that excessive meat and dairy consumption have on our health and the health of our planet?
There is plenty of information out there on the subject, you just have to look around.  If you're not sure where to go you can Google factory farming or a Time magazine 2013/12/16 article titled "New study shows the major environmental impact of meat" or Scientific American magazine article titled "How does meat in the diet take an environmental toll?"

You might watch "Forks over Knives" or "Food Choices" on Netflix You might consider reading " The China Study" or "The Food Revolution" I'm not trying to make anyone wrong here. If you love meat, can you just love it a little less often and in a little smaller portion for a little while and see how you feel? That will also give you more room for the fresh fruits and vegetables that most of us need more of. Even that is a big step.
Thanks for listening and please consider.
Kyoshi Dave Kovar © 2017