“Martial Arts and Courage”

September 2017

• Courage is largely a result of confidence. Becoming a Black Belt requires courage. There is no substitute for the confidence you gain from working out and training in martial arts everyday.
• Be brave. You can develop courage if you acknowledge your fear and then press on with your purpose. Be bold and welcome challenges. It is said that “fortune favors the bold”. A failure to achieve a specific goal is only a defeat when we don’t learn from the experience.
• There are no shortcuts to success in martial arts. Success in martial arts, as in life, comes only through hard work and dedication to achieving our goals. Worthwhile accomplishments in martial arts are difficult. It takes courage to avoid what may sometimes seem like a shortcut to success.

September 2017 03

• To be a good martial artist, you must be willing to give a 100% effort all of the time.
• Welcome situations which provide opportunities to perform under pressure. Only under pressure can you really demonstrate courage. A true martial artist delivers when the pressure is on.
• Remain calm in adverse or hostile circumstances, and your courage will grow. Courage and confidence will inspire you to a level of achievement you didn’t think possible as long as you stay calm.
• Courage is a quality possessed by Black Belt martial artists. It’s the quality that drives us to give that something extra when it seems like we can’t give anymore. It allows us to perform at our best, even when, in our mind, only perfection will lead to success.
• Courage is a measure of our heart, and inner strength. If we meet an opponent who may be bigger and stronger, our inner strength and our heart can combine as courage to give us the winning edge.
• We do not need to be intimidated by the prospect of failure. Courage gives us the confidence to do what it takes to be a winner. When faced with difficult tasks in life, bring the power of a courageous attitude to bear and they will surely yield.
• Courage is the quality that you can carry throughout your daily life that will give you the confidence to be compassionate towards others and at peace with yourself.