Making a Commitment to Train

How long do we think about doing something that we are interested in? Usually this thought occupies our mind for a significant amount of time, whether it is losing weight, joining a gym, trying a new activity. By the time we actually take the first step, there is a significant gap. Taking the first step is wonderful, however, it needs to be followed with the second step, and the third, and so on.
We live in a fast paced society now which is made more intense by the social media network which everyone is plugged into. I was re-minded of this fact recently when I spoke with a young adult who told me that he never turns off his cell phone. No one wants to be left out, so faster and more is the order of the day. There is even a name for this: FOMO (fear of missing out).
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Of course, there are the obligations we all have, home-work, work, family, hobbies, other activities, and yet there is that original commitment to train which we begin with as an enthusi-astic, curious White Belt. There is a saying, a Black Belt is simply a White Belt that kept showing up.
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Invariably former students will visit the karate school. If they are under-belts (students who were unable to complete their training and make it to Black Belt, for whatever reason) they always regret not finishing what they started.
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Recently a former student , who had trained as a child, visited the karate school and expressed their disappointment at be-ing unable to attain Black Belt back then. What was different about this person, now an adult, is that they signed back up again to complete their journey to Black Belt now. Bravo. That is making a commitment to train, and keeping that commitment.
Shihan Robert H. Mason ©2017