Martial Arts for Adult Students

December 2017


One of the best personal choices I've ever made was joining the adult martial arts class at University Karate Center. Being significantly overweight, I was concerned about heart disease and the potential for diabetes. Beginning a healthy diet was one component toward reaching my fitness goal. The second was finding a good cardio/fat burning workout. My friend Sensei Stan Meyer recommended classes at University Karate Center.

Martial arts have always interested me, so I decided to make a commitment. It took about a month before I actually overcame my personal shyness/intimidation and came in to take the first class. Being overweight, I feared not being able to keep up, and was uncomfortable about the way I looked in my uniform.

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Everyone at the school and in class made me feel welcome. I've come to realize that the respect for others that is so important in the children’s martial arts program is actually basic to all the martial arts training at University Karate Center, including the MMA intensity classes for adults, the self defense training and the weapons classes. In class, the trainers patiently explained each technique, helping me to modify each element to my ability and training level.

After the first few weeks, classes seemed to get a little easier, I could keep up and was learning the moves: proper form for punches and kicks. The instructors continued to be encouraging while making sure I did things properly to avoid injury.

After a few months stamina was improving, breathing was easier. I had better balance; was developing self-confidence. I was getting stronger and toning muscles (which contribute to improved appearance — a very thin person would also benefit from this with added muscle), but the way I felt, the extra energy I have after a class and all the time, are at least as important as appearance. At my current level, I especially appreciate the increased awareness and mental and physical self-defense components of class.

The classes are structured to build on learned techniques. As each level is achieved, new moves and combinations are introduced, keeping brain function in learning mode. The train-ers vary the MMA classes to make them challenging and fun, keeping the workout at optimal levels for even advanced students.

Fitness is a wonderful natural high. Much of the time I feel like I'm walking on air. I recommend the classes at UKC to anyone. For those of us with limited time, each hour-long class provides the best possible balance of cardio workout, pad and bag striking drills and self defense and fighting skills. Classes are available seven days a week, including some family clas-ses, so there is plenty of opportunity to train often enough to make real progress: 2-4 times a week. See you there soon!


Jo Ellen Bate© 2017