Shiaii a BIG Success

Our Dojo tournament was a big success with all of the participants showing their martial arts skills to the best of their ability.

All awards were made taking age and belt rank into consideration as well as performance.

Basics: 1st Riley, 2nd Joshua, 3rd Ryan Ortega

Weapons Kata: Grand Champion Jorge, 1st Nikkhil, 1st Shany, 2nd Ioana, 3rd Nico

Kata: Super Grand Champions Shany and Jorge, Grand Champions Nikkhil, Ioana and Shivam,

1st Nico, Krishna, Olivia and Carmen, 2nd Ryan Fisher, Cal, Ryan Ortega and Leila, 3rd Trevis

Sparring: Super Grand Champions Ryan Fisher, Jorge and Calvin, Grand Champions Krishna, Cal and Ioana,

1st Trevis and Carmen, 2nd Shany, Nico, Nikkhil and Shivam


March 2018 001

March 2018 002



Special FREE Self Defense Seminar for Children and their Parents on Saturday March 24th Noon-1:30 pm


This will be a class for kids aged 6-14 and their parents to attend together, plus you can invite your friends and their parents. The class will focus on techniques, strategies and tactics for dealing with bully issues, defense against abduction and survival drills for challenging situations. Despite the serious nature of “self defense” for kids, the class will be fun as well as informative. New students and established members of our Dojo are all invited to participate. Dress code is Karate gi or sportswear.