Fitness is a Full Time Pastime

June 2018

By Sensei Joseph Winn


Students often fail to realize the enormous benefits they are getting from their training. Kids “open up” and become more confident, and thus assertive. We have many stories from parents of formerly shy kids who now complain because they “talk back”. Yes, they found their voice! Let’s help them use it in the best way possible. Adults learn to face challenges gracefully, without getting frustrated. Everyone gains something substantial. Sometimes parents don’t notice this growth in their children until it is pointed out to them, specifically in relation to their own child.


June 2018 001

(Mudokai Team Members Ken Everdale, Sensei Christie Brigida and Sensei Joshua Meyer. Confidence as a result of skill.) 


When training is stopped, or reduced to a much lower frequency, these benefits start to fade, just as with your physical moves. I've seen too many kids fall back into their shell, adults begin to put themselves down, all after we had helped them overcome these obstacles. What's habit is comfortable, even if it isn't good for us. The Sensei help you set new habits in the form of better body use, greater confidence, increased focus, and more. Yet we can only do this when you are here!


Our Dojo offers classes every day, many with both morning and evening options, to suit a wide variety of schedules. Can't get in at 5:15? Come by at 11 in the morning. Sundays a no-go? That's fine, I happen to teach on Saturdays. One class is better than no class. Two is even better than one. Once a student is coming in at least twice a week, the mental and physi-cal fade is halted; plus, we can reverse any previous effects. To some extent at least however, generally “more is better”.


Every instructor at your karate school is ready to help you overcome your challenges. Let's keep your mind as flexible as your body. Make it a habit to attend and reap the benefits!