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November DOUBLE Credit!

November is a “Special Double Credit” month to refer new students

When you refer a new student for an introductory course in November you will be credited $60.00 towards future grading fees. This is double the usual credit that the Dojo offers for new referrals. Please take advantage of this opportunity and make a point of bringing in 3 or 4 new students to enjoy training in Mudokai. Shihan Mason would be happy to see all of the students able to pass there graduations next year without any fees because they have earned the credit from bringing their friends on board to train in Mudokai. The staff at the Front Desk will be happy to supply you with flyers and schedules for your friends to look at . Also you are always welcome to bring a prospective new student to try a free class as your guest. When they sign on to an Introductory course you will have earned your credit.
Price: Free