Junior Karate


For Adult (ages 14+) and Junior (ages 6-13) students we address training from three perspectives:
  • Personal Growth: Physical, emotional and psychological development using Martial Arts as a medium for practice.
  • Physical Fitness: Cardio, stamina, flexibility and agility. Championship training for competition.
  • Self-Defense: Defense against unarmed & armed assailants, multiple attack & ground fighting strategies.
Our program for Juniors, allows for the development of those who are transitioning in life and within the martial arts. As students grow and learn, they are now able to focus more, and refine their techniques.
MuDoKai Karate - Junior Training
Junior Karate - MuDoKai
Sensei Mason will gladly answer any questions you might have regarding the training of yourself or your children.  Please stop by, call, or use our contact form to be in touch!