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Who We Are

University Karate Center, a martial arts training center in Plantation, Florida, for 42 years and counting. We are a close-knit family of practitioners with a commitment towards excellence for ourselves and all those who train.

Our Karate School Mission

Foster the personal and physical growth of students of all ages through consistent, high-level training in the MuDoKai style of martial arts.

We Believe…

A better society arises through individual positive actions.  We also believe martial arts is a tool for pursuing self-mastery.  Therefore, we teach MuDoKai Karate to help people of all ages build self-awareness, discipline, and lifelong personal health.

Origin of MuDoKai Martial Arts

The University Karate Center first opened its doors in 1980, however, the traditions extend many years prior. Our lineage can, in fact, be traced to the origins of modern Karate.

Introduction to Mainland Japan

The first systematic approach to teaching martial arts began with Sokon Matsumura, during his training in the early 1800s. His student, Itosu Yasutsune further improved the style and teaching, and, most importantly, passed on his knowledge to Gichin Funakoshi, who introduced Karate to mainland Japan in 1922.

Our Connection

One of Funakoshi’s first students was Hironori Ohtsuka. Already the Grandmaster (highest authority) in Shindo Yoshinryu Jiu Jitsu, he used his knowledge to mix with Karate, thus founding Wado Ryu. His successor, Tatsuo Suzuki, instructed Shihan Mason alongside Meiji Suzuki (1967 Japan Universities Karate Champion).

In 1982, following the passing of Master Ohtsuka, Meiji Suzuki and Petar Mejic founded Mu-Gen-Do Karate, combining Karate with contemporary fighting arts. Shihan Mason is the Principal Instructor in the US for MuDoKai (part of the Mu-Gen-Do Association).

MuDoKai Style of Training

MuDoKai translates to “The Unlimited Way”. Our history of finding the best of wide-ranging training styles continues today. Our curriculum integrates effective fighting, self-defense, and competitive strategies from many disciplines. You can be confident your Instructor has the skills to guide you through your martial arts journey.