University Karate Center owes its success to a tight knit group of experienced, caring, and focused instructors. Under the supervision and guidance of Shihan Robert Heale Mason, we constantly strive to improve our skills. All of our instructors are students of MuDoKai and train regularly.

Get to know just a few of our dedicated team:

Shihan Robert Mason

Founder MuDoKai – Chief Instructor, Grand Master

Having started his training in 1962, Robert Mason traveled the world learning about a wide range of styles, bringing these insights back to the MuDoKai curriculum. His background in Developmental Psychology enabled him to create a system which guides students of all ages through a cycle of empowerment, improvement, and growth. Shihan Mason also spent 7 years training in the Alexander Technique, a scientific-based approach to body mechanics, posture, and more. These insights became incorporated into the curriculum and are taught to all the instructors. Shihan Mason is also the World Commissioner for the ISKA (International Sport Karate Association), the sanctioning body for large martial arts events such as the US Open. The event is broadcast each year on ESPN2.

Sensei David FungSang

Lead Junior Program Instructor, 5th Dan

Since he began his training at age 5, Sensei FungSang has sought to grow his own skills, while passionately helping others in their own pursuits. Mr. FungSang is a student favorite when he teaches the Karate Tigers & Little Dragons classes…and the Juniors…and the Adults. What can we say, Mr. FungSang ensures you have fun while improving!

Sensei Joe Winn

Instructor & Assistant Tai Chi Instructor, 4th Dan

His training began in 1996, just as he entered the challenging environment of middle school. The skills gained through MuDoKai Karate allowed him to build his own confidence, stand up to bullies, and achieve his academic and personal goals. Mr. Winn has more than two decades of training experience to help you overcome any obstacles.

Sensei Alexander Ramos

Instructor, 4th Dan

At the age of 2, his training started. He hasn’t stopped since. Mr. Ramos holds a 4th Dan Black Belt in MuDoKai Karate and a 1st Dan Black Belt in Shotokan. He will help you get your sweat on in any class you take, while ensuring every move is the best your body can perform.

Sensei Josh Meyer

Karate Tigers & Little Dragons Instructor, 4th Dan

Did you know, Sensei Meyer started his karate journey in Little Dragons classes? Since, he’s gone on to compete around the country, winning the Florida state title multiple times, competing in the Junior Olympics, and much more! He now brings that “you can achieve anything” attitude to our youngest martial artists…with the skills to back it up. You can find him teaching on Saturday mornings.

Sensei Meyer