Be All You Can Be – In Martial Arts

Years ago, the US Army advertised recruitment through a concept: Be all that you can be: Join the Army. A catchy tune accompanied this slogan, making the ad memorable. When the new messaging became “An Army of One”, the feeling wasn’t the same. After all, who wants to be stranded somewhere fighting an enemy all by yourself?

Most people, whether they realize it or not, want to do their best, be their best, and live their best lives. The challenge is how can a person learn to do just that.

Competing Inside & Out

In a global economy, most are concerned about their ability to compete on the world stage. The public school system obsesses over a child’s future through assigning extensive homework and performing endless testing. Beyond, there are other ways to prepare, including ROTC, trade schools, and Preparatory Academies. As adults, many attend university or other forms of higher education.

Karate for Your Future

A significant, though often overlooked path, is the martial arts. When properly taught, martial arts, specifically the karate performed at our academy, is a thorough and practical way to build a strong foundation for a prosperous future, whatever your age. The style we teach is called MuDoKai, meaning “unlimited way”.

The principles, as well as the techniques, present through a well-organized curriculum each student receives upon joining. At every belt level, new skills become visible to the student. The program aims to teach each section of new material as the student is ready to progress.

Achieve Goals

It is easy for us to say that we want to accomplish a goal: Lose those last few pounds, acquire that advanced degree, or score a perfect report card. However, the difference between those who just talk and those who accomplish what they set out to do, is the difference between success and failure…between recognizing your potential…or not.

We all have ample reasons why we can not do something. It’s easy to give up. You know the saying: “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Training in the martial arts, attending class regularly, showing up on time (within your control)…these are all decisions. It is the only way a student can progress and begin to “be all they can be”.

Begin Your Journey

If you’re reading this far, you obviously have an interest in the martial arts (or are even actively training). For those not yet actively engaged, it all starts with a Beginner Course and taking your first class. Once you start, simply show up at least twice a week. We guarantee you’ll learn practical, useful, and interesting things you did not know before.

Additionally, you’ll start to build a foundation of “self-knowledge”, including physical awareness (what’s around you), emotional balance (what’s within you), and mental acuity (your thoughts), and you can grow all of them! Whatever else you want to learn or understand, knowing yourself is the place to begin, and to continue to “be all you can be”.