Karate Is For You, No Matter Your Age

“Hindsight is 2020”. And what a year 2020 was! Can you believe it’s only been 15 years since last January? During this time, what do you see looking back? Is it a path of continuous improvement, in spite of enormous societal challenges? Are you proud of what you’ve accomplished?

Or, will you gaze into the past longingly, wishing you had started on a path of personal growth? We can’t go back, and you only have today. Regardless of your age, current fitness, or stage of life, a Martial Arts lifestyle is a smart decision right now.

A Karate Training Story

You are telling yourself a story right now. It’s the story of your life. How will you write it?

A freelance writer, Marlene DeMarco, shares her experience with karate training. How much of it can you relate to?

Ms. DeMarco decided it was time. She made a life-altering shift in her priorities, deciding to train in karate. Ms. DeMarco detailed her fulfilling adventures as a Beginner Karate student in an issue of Newsweek Magazine.

On a mild winter day, Ms. DeMarcho was outdoors cleaning her garage when a neighbor stopped to chat. The neighbor mentioned that her 10-year-old son was enrolled in a Karate class.

“I casually remarked that [karate] was something I’d like to try – some day,”

– wrote DeMarco wryly

Before she knew it, her neighbor had provided a Dojo (training place) newsletter and class schedule, while prompting her to give the Martial Arts school a call.

Despite her misgivings, DeMarco made contact with the school. She began by telling the representative all the reasons that she wouldn’t be a good choice as a student.

“I’m interested in taking karate, but I’m 51, overweight, and completely out of shape. I know your current session started several weeks ago, so when does the next session begin?  Next fall?”

The Sensei (Instructor) at the academy was very responsive to taking her on as a student. He said that she could start right away in the Beginner class. She was officially enrolled!

During her first class, DeMarco found herself surrounded by classmates, some of them also in their fifties, and others many years younger. She joined them in their routine of  basic drills and skills. These help to improve balance, fitness, agility, flexibility and focus.

Ms. DeMarco found that the students in the class accepted her as a peer and included her in all aspects of the training. Now she was really in for the long haul; having been accepted by her new friends.

She had some reservations as the date for her first Belt Test approached. However, DeMarco was ready. With the support and reassurances of her classmates she did fine. Her efforts in class had made her part of a proud and protective team.

DeMarco’s story ended with this reflection on her experience:

“I had just learned much more than karate in those four months…just maybe, age isn’t as limiting as I thought, because I did earn the black stripe on my white belt and now I’m working toward the gold”.

Make 2021 Your Year of Growth

As you begin 2021, no matter if you’re a seasoned martial artist, a long-time observer, or only now considering training, remember that today is your day!

We can guarantee that training at the University Karate Center will change your life. And given the last year, can’t we all use a few positive changes?

Strive for excellence in everything you do. Begin your journey to Black Belt today!