MuDoKai Martial Arts For Women (Student Contributor)

This article was written by Isabella Troccoli, one of our Intermediate rank students (As of mid-2019). See how her training has helped her be a more confident and empowered woman. Then, consider if this may be right for you.

MuDoKai Karate & Your “Safeguards”

Women Performing Martial Arts Kata with Sunset

From the day women are old enough to talk, we are told by our parents to be careful, to never walk alone, always go out in groups, and deadbolt our doors. All to keep ourselves safe.

All of this is sound advice, of course. The world can be very dangerous, and especially so for women, who are often the victims of harassment and abuse, in and out of the home.

But we deserve better options for our security.

  • What happens when all the safeguards we set up to protect ourselves fail?
  • What happens when you are in a situation where you are forced to defend yourself?

MuDoKai martial arts could be that “better option” for you.

Practical Self-Defense Skills

Woman Roundhouse Kicking On Beach

The more obvious benefit of learning MuDoKai (both in form during classes and in practice during sparring) is that it will equip you with the skills necessary to defend yourself against a physical attack.

Our curriculum is structured in a way where basic, yet effective, techniques are taught first, and built upon as a student progresses in their training. These first blocks, kicks, and punches are some of the most practical moves you can learn, and their concepts can be applied in many self-defense scenarios:

  • Warding off a grab
  • Dealing with an armed assailant
  • Diffusing a dangerous situation

These skills can save your life.

Martial Arts for Self-Confidence

MuDoKai can also build your self-confidence. Regular training will significantly improve both your physical and mental strength.

Woman With Open Arms on Seashore

The curriculum not only provides a good workout, but also aims to teach values such as awareness and discipline. Over time, gaining competence in both of these areas can lead to gaining confidence not only in your ability to defend yourself, but also in yourself.

You will have the confidence to set boundaries, be assertive in your demands, and achieve your goals in all areas of your life.

If you think MuDoKai martial arts and the principles it aims to teach would be beneficial for you, your team, or anyone you know, don’t hesitate to sign on for group classes, private lessons, or a seminar for your business/team.

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