The Secret Benefits of Training in MuDoKai Karate

In speaking with parents of our students, we enjoy learning their perspectives on our training. While nearly all share a positive view of our work with their children, we saw the deeper principles are sometimes missed. That’s normal, since few have experience training, with most awareness of martial arts coming from film or TV. Our style provides benefits beyond the obvious. Join me now to learn some of these “secrets”.

First, let’s identify why people train in the Martial Arts. Our head instructor, Shihan Mason (with 39 years of teaching!), explained there are three main reasons

  1. Personal Growth
  2. Self-defense
  3. Sport

Personal Growth

Personal growth means getting to know yourself better, inside and out. Through our training, we help students move with balance and grace. These skills translate to greater accomplishment as individuals in all areas of their life. Our style of Martial Arts (MuDoKai) combines the best principles of many systems, including Kickboxing, Karate, and Judo. Put simply, this means you’re guaranteed a great work out in every class!

Woman With Open Arms on Seashore

Beyond the physical activity, our program helps students improve their emotional balance and self-control. Through guidance on correct posture and breathing, one can find their “center”. How do you feel after a few deep breaths? Better, right? From that place of balance, our Sensei encourage students to observe the moves they’re being taught, recording a video in their mind. Then, when the time comes to execute the technique, they simply play the video. Thinking in pictures rather than words helps develop greater focus in any activity. Consistent application leads to greater confidence and self-discipline.


Self-defense is another primary goal of training. No one likes being bullied, and while we all possess the tools to overcome it, most of us need training to bring it out. Training in our style puts self-defense first, with practical blocks, punches, and kicks. Then, we give students an opportunity to use these skills through pad techniques and bag work. That means they hit lots of pads, a safe, enjoyable, and energizing way to learn! The satisfaction of a clean strike gives students the confidence and reinforces the skills needed to deal with bullies appropriately.


Martial Arts Competition Trophy Top
One of many trophies won by our students at tournaments around the country!

The final reason students train in the Martial Arts is for Sport. This brings new skills into a competitive environment. Over the years, many students here have achieved enormous tournament success, from state/national champions to Junior Olympic medalists. We host an annual Shiaii (In-School) Tournament where our Junior and younger students can see how it feels to compete at your best. This is a great way to “test the waters”, giving students a taste of the tournament experience. Love it? We work with interested students to prepare them for other tournaments, both locally and nationally, throughout the year.

Life Skills Included With Every Membership

Students come to us here at University Karate Center seeking Personal Growth, Self-defense skills, and the thrill of Sport achievements. They gain so much more. Students, just like your children, become better versions of themselves, while building greater physical fitness and skills essential for a successful life.

The “Secrets” Are Yours, Too!

Do you want to know the coolest part? These “secrets” are accessible to anyone who trains. Yes, I’m talking about you, your family, and friends. MuDoKai Martial Arts at the University Karate Center is the “full package” to help you achieve your goals.

Come by a try a free class. Regardless of your age, fitness level, or schedule, we’ve got something for you!