Top 5 Reasons For Kids To Train In Martial Arts (2021)

We believe people of all ages and capabilities can gain from the martial arts. As a result, we have a curriculum suitable for young children all the way to “young-at-heart” octogenarians. (And we’re doing all we can to ensure it’s safe for everyone!)

For over 40 years (we held our first class in February 1980!), we’ve been helping students grow through our martial arts training. And then doing the same for their kids! You can say we’re a generational training school.

People often ask us, “when is the right time to start training?” That’s a great question. Our answer is always, “Today.” For kids, it’s not much different. Our program empowers aspiring martial artists as young as 3 to gain valuable skills.

Here’s we’ll discuss the Top 5 Reasons For Kids to Train in the Martial Arts.

1. Make new friends.

Hands on Top of Each Other

The bond between martial artists is stronger than other sports. Why? Martial arts are physical by nature, and thus require physical contact with others. Beyond simple contact other activities share, martial arts builds mutual respect of each other’s strengths and boundaries.

For example, when working with another student of similar size, strength, and skill, students must work together so both gain from the experience, while ensuring neither get hurt.

We see kids self-actualize, meaning, they get it. They understand, on their own, that they are capable of great things. And so are their training partners.

Through this healthy respect for themselves and others, long-lasting and rewarding relationships blossom.

2. Develop human relation skills.

Human what? We define human relation skills as living in harmony with other people, especially in the concepts of physical space and consent. And yes, even if that “physical space” is a screen.

During martial arts training, students learn the concept of physical space. They learn that physical contact can be invasive for themselves and others. It becomes a necessity they grasp the idea of consent; that you never enter someone else’s physical space without their permission.

Martial arts literally (and figuratively!) breaks down barriers. During their training, students will encounter people of all types and abilities. This exposure helps prepare them for a diverse and ever-changing social environment.

And, of course, their training empowers them to deal with bullies, whether physical or psychological.

3. Learn new coping skills.

Your kids are growing up in a world unlike any we’ve seen before. Both digitally and IRL (in the real world), they experience pressures and expectations that no other generation had to endure. Combine that with a world changing faster than ever, and it becomes overwhelming for children with no experience to handle it.

Martial arts is an outlet. In our dojo (training space), we leave the pressures of the outside world behind. Sure, they still exist, but while training, we help kids develop naturally without stressing about exams, their social feed, or any number of other challenges.

The Body

All kids training in our martial arts system get physical exercise. They move in new and unique ways. They develop balance and poise. We help them love their body and all it can do.

Of course, this physicality results in physical fitness. A fit child is a happy child.

The Mind

Boy Meditating in Field

A healthy body aligns with a healthy mind. Training helps kids find emotional balance. It also empowers them with a warrior’s mentality of gratitude, humility, respect, and self-confidence.

We build in all our students Bushido, literally, the “way of warriors” and the basis of Samurai moral values.

The world is full of confrontation. Not all of it is good. Training in the martial arts helps your kids make the right decisions and feel good about themselves. Simply put, kids who train in the martial arts learn how to thrive in a challenging world.

4. Develop better focus and concentration.


Martial arts requires patience and persistence. We get that not all kids are fond of these things! However, by ensuring the curriculum is always challenging, but also exciting, we help build those character traits.

Plus, not all students start their training at the same skill level. That’s ok. Martial arts helps kids understand they can grow and improve, no matter where they started. They come to see their body as a tool to change for the better. Seeing others at a higher level shows them that their body and skills can always improve.

Kids who train in the martial arts learn that they can get better by:

  • Finding their strengths
  • Recognizing and working on weaknesses
  • Building focus and discipline

The rewards of training emerge in all aspects of their lives. From attentiveness to studying (they now see improvement is possible!) and even behavioral enhancements, martial arts truly makes a difference.

And then? They look to their dreams with hope and excitement.

5. Respect for authority.

Teacher in Front of Classroom

In martial arts, as in life, there are teacher and student roles. We embrace mentorship as a defining component of our style. Through this learning and teaching method, martial arts, to a greater degree than other kids activities, emphasizes discipline and respect for authority.

Kids can go far on their own. But they go further with the help of others. You know this as you follow their virtual classes.

A teacher’s wisdom is the most valuable form of guidance. Martial arts instructors provide a positive example for kids to understand how to interact with and respect other figures of authority.

Of course, that means kids develop greater respect for teachers and parents. How’s that sound?

Empower Your Kid Today!

These are just the top 5 reasons for kids to train. Ask our parents or students, and you’ll get even more! Whether for your child or yourself (or both!), make an appointment to take a free class.

Embrace martial arts to lay the path towards success for your kids and yourself!