MuDoKai Style

When you train in MuDoKai, you will learn how to best use your body to generate power, maintain poise, and improve your self-defense capability. Know you are learning an integrated system which includes:

  • Kickboxing (Mugendo)
  • Karate (Wado Ryu)
  • Jiu Jitsu (standing and ground fighting from Shindo Yoshin Ryu)
  • Principles from Kung Fu (Wing Chun and Tai Chi Chuan)

We combine these varied martial arts approaches in an integrated system for Self Defense, Personal Growth and Competition.


Students of MuDoKai use a kickboxing stance with a high guard (other styles keep the hands by the waist). This permits you to quickly block and counter. Kicking is also encouraged (it’s also a lot of fun!), mixed strategically with jab-style punches. In controlled-contact sparring matches, once more advanced students get closer together, they switch to a boxing (or MMA) mindset and focus on short range punches, knees, and throws. It’s all about learning to use the best technique for your situation at that moment.


Our weapons curriculum spans Okinawan traditional weapons (think again of your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles favorites) as well as the Japanese katana and Chinese broadsword (dao). Your skillset with open hands greatly expands once you must manipulate a tool as well, whether it be rigid like a staff or flexible like nunchaku. Which is pretty important when you perform a two-person weapons form!


Our kata (also called “forms”, set sequences of moves performed solo) come mainly from the Japanese tradition, with higher-rank students expanding their breadth of knowledge and experience with a variety of Chinese-derived forms. Why have these “performances” in our system? Have you ever done something (good or bad) out of habit? Well, forms help you make proper self-defense motions out of that same habit, since you’ve practiced them in a variety of ways.


Students also have a series of techniques at each rank which they can practice on their own. You can think of these as necessary basic moves, even if they aren’t so easy to do, at least initially! Using these and previously-learned techniques, students also train with a partner. These moves are done gear-free with zero contact so you can get comfortable and confident working together, while greatly minimizing the chance of injury. Finally, you get to hit pads! We encourage strategic and aerobic exercises with soft pads to build endurance, strength, and proper form. Why? Because you’re in class to learn, but also to have fun and get in shape. Pad work achieves all this, and keeps you safe, since the forgiving surfaces provide satisfaction on a good execution, while not punishing mistakes. So punch and kick away!

Your Goals

Martial arts, at first glance, seems simple. However, you likely discovered it’s a complex field with a world of traditions and training styles. Your goals are what drives your choice, and, in my experience, MuDoKai helps people like you achieve them. I have trained hundreds of students of all ages, all with a range of talents, physical abilities, and sizes. All find MuDoKai approachable and rewarding, with many making it a lifetime commitment.

Did You Get In Touch For A Free Class?

Starting may seem intimidating. We get it. So come on by for a no-pressure trial session. Give us a call at 954-587-5008 to determine when is best.

Look forward to training with you!