Better Than “Trust Falls” Since 1980!

Had enough of boring team-building seminars and “trust fall” gatherings?

Empower your student group or company at our private Self-Defense Events!

Build Self-Defense Skills & Teamwork

Our unique Martial Arts system gives you a memorable and beneficial reason to come together. In just a few hours, you’ll learn the essentials of self-defense.

Shihan Mason Gun Defense - 2019
Shihan Mason demonstrates a gun defense scenario.

With guidance from our senior instructors, we’ll ensure every attendee works within their means to grow individual skills.

We have two training studios for use, accommodating stand up and floor-based concepts. Both include ample pads for striking, blocking, and much more!

What to Expect:

  • Develop “situational awareness”, ie. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Learn to stop an attacker before they even engage
    • And, of course, strikes and blocks if it comes to that
  • Escape from common holds and grabs
  • Deal with weapon confrontations confidently
  • Get a workout.
  • Have fun!
Women in Self-Defense Event - 2019
Shihan Mason, along with a junior instructor, explains how to escape a wraparound grab.

Decide you want more? All attendees receive a special introductory rate for our full Martial Arts program.


Since there are a range of variables, from number of attendees to length of session, we cannot provide one-size-fits-all pricing. You will find what you receive far exceeds the investment.

Make It A Habit!

Keep your group working together at peak performance while providing valuable self-defense skills all year round.

Our sessions are designed to refresh existing skills while welcoming new attendees. We recommend offering quarterly events to keep your team empowered.

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