For over 40 years, people have loved their training at University Karate Center. Here we feature some of those testimonials.


“The lessons I learned at this facility from Shihan Mason are still alive and strong in me. The techniques are awesome, but Mr. Mason is spectacular. He is the real deal and if you have a kid or want training yourself I highly recommend this school.”


(After attending an advanced karate seminar hosted by Shihan Mason) – “Shihan Mason is one of the best martial artists I’ve had the pleasure to train with.”


“University Karate Center is a great place for students to learn self-defense and good karate skills. Students are not promoted unless the Sensei thinks they are ready. My son has been here for a year and really enjoys the classes. He also has made lots of friends here.”


“The current instructors are my childhood friends. They are as kind as they are talented and experienced. Everyone there is truly passionate about what they do, and about advancing their art and the lives of those they teach.”


“Excellent and caring instructors. My daughter has been here for years and loves it.”