MuDoKai Martial Arts. For All Ages.

University Karate Center makes martial arts accessible to anyone. Our classes create fun and engaging experiences for ages 3 to 113. Dive deeper into the training program which fits your goals.

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Karate Tigers/Dragons

  • Our youngest martial artists (starting age 3) in a structured, yet fun environment
  • Students gain basic skills of movement, striking, blocking, and more
  • Participants are prepared to excel in Juniors classes
  • Increase attention span by linking physical activities to thoughts
  • Bottom line: It’s fun! (Did we already mention that? Because it’s way awesome.)

Juniors (Ages 6-14)

  • Junior students gain life-changing skills through their training in MuDoKai martial arts
  • Discipline, respect, responsibility, focus, and more
  • World-class self-defense skills (A number of Junior students are state or national champions!)
  • Grow confidence and poise in mutually-supportive classes
  • Classes 7 days a week, including day camps and summer mornings


  • You’re never too old to start training and gain new skills
  • Build up a sweat through high-intensity Fitness Kickboxing (Hit pads and have fun!)
  • Get your thoughts under your control with proper breathing and body movement techniques (ie. Stress Relief!)
  • Stay more than young at heart through stretching and other exercises
  • Experience the confidence of possessing effective self-defense moves

Tai Chi

Kubodo (Martial Arts Weapons)

  • Learn to use a range of Okinowan and Japanese traditional martial arts weapons
    • Bo Staff
    • Nunchaku
    • Sai
    • Tonfa
    • Katana
  • Junior and Adult students must meet certain criteria and instructor approval
    • Weapons aren’t toys!

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