MuDoKai Martial Arts. For All Ages.

University Karate Center makes martial arts accessible to anyone. Our classes create fun and engaging experiences for ages 3 to 113. Dive deeper into the training program which fits your goals.

We’re here to help you grow!

See our expanded Schedule (including virtual classes!) and what we’re doing to ensure your training is safe and healthy.

Karate Tigers & Little Dragons

  • Martial Arts Karate Tigers Punching
  • Martial Arts Karate Tigers Dragons Jumping
  • Martial Arts Karate Tigers Dragons Sitting
  • Our youngest martial artists (starting age 3) in a structured, yet fun environment
  • Students gain basic skills of movement, striking, blocking, and more
  • Participants are prepared to excel in Juniors classes
  • Increase attention span by linking physical activities to thoughts
  • Bottom line: It’s fun! (Did we already mention that? Because it’s way awesome.)

Juniors (Ages 6-14)

  • Junior Student Kicking Pad
  • Kids Doing Karate Pairs
  • Karate Camp Group - Summer 2018
  • Junior Students Sparring
  • Junior Student Throwing Punch
  • Junior Student At End of Kusanku
  • Junior students gain life-changing skills through their training in MuDoKai martial arts
  • Discipline, respect, responsibility, focus, and more (we’ll work with school teachers to help address challenges)
  • World-class self-defense skills (A number of Junior students are state or national champions!)
  • Grow confidence and poise in mutually-supportive classes
  • Classes to fit your schedule, including day camps and summer mornings


  • Sensei Mason and Adult Students Performing Kata
  • Two Students in Kickboxing Circuit Training
  • Adult Student Stretching
  • Sensei Fungsang Throwing Sensei Winn
  • Sensei Beginning Form
  • You’re the perfect age to start training and gain new skills
  • Get your thoughts under your control with proper breathing and body movement techniques (ie. Stress Relief!)
  • Stay more than young at heart through stretching and other exercises
  • Build up a sweat through high-intensity Fitness Kickboxing (Class returning when it’s safe to do so!)
  • Experience the confidence of possessing effective self-defense moves

Tai Chi

Kubodo (Martial Arts Weapons)

  • Learn to use a range of Okinowan and Japanese traditional martial arts weapons
    • Bo Staff
    • Nunchaku
    • Sai
    • Tonfa
    • Katana
  • Junior and Adult students must meet certain criteria and instructor approval (because weapons aren’t toys!)

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