More Than Your Ordinary Fitness Program

Training in MuDoKai martial arts as an adult is a great workout for your entire being. Using the same curriculum as the Juniors program, with additional classes specially designed for the needs of adults, we help you create the self you’ve always wanted.

Whether weight loss, stress relief, self-defense, or any number of other goals, we are here to help you start the journey, in person or through our virtual classes.

What are you trying to achieve?

Adult Student StretchingWeight Loss & Body Toning

Martial arts is a physical activity. That means you’re moving…a lot. Whatever your current fitness level, our instructors will help you move forward with careful attention to existing weak points or other physical challenges. MuDoKai martial arts can get you to your goal weight and muscle tone:

  • Feel the burn – Every class has an opportunity to be a workout. You choose the intensity, we’ll handle the techniques. By combining kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu, Tai Chi Judo, Aikido, and much more, you get the best of a range of styles. All while using your body properly for the goals you want.
  • Forms (Kata) – All our colored belt ranks include a performance form called kata. These set series of punches, kicks, and other techniques may seem graceful (and they are), but they’re also exhausting! Build up your cardio with focused practice and execution. Then be proud of your artistry!

Sensei Beginning FormStress Relief

Today’s world has a lot of reasons to build anxiety. From global challenges to getting stuck in traffic before an important meeting, we all need some time to relax and breathe. MuDoKai martial arts helps channel that energy into productive pursuits, both while training and in your daily lives. In fact, here’s a quick tip:

Sit up straight, with your shoulders hanging down. Now, put your hand over your stomach and breathe in slowly, counting to 5 as you do so. Make sure your hand moves out as you inhale. Hold for 5 seconds, then exhale, counting to 5 once again, while your hand moves back towards your body.

Feel a little more relaxed? Imagine what regular training will do!

Self Defense

Women Elbowing Self Defense Against GunThe original goal of martial arts was self-defense. Our curriculum gives you the skills to protect yourself and others in or from dangerous situations. Every rank features blocking, kicking, and striking techniques which have immediate and practical applications. That means the stuff you learn works.

Interested in a crash course for self-defense? We host private sessions from hourly to full-day. Perfect for your club, office, or sports team. Learn more and reach out today!

Train With Intensity. Not Pain.

Practice partner techniques with fellow students, experiencing the moves from both the defender and attacker’s perspectives. With control. Our instructors insist upon controlled techniques, since there’s no sense getting injured during training. Light or no touch on others is the norm. Want to hit hard? We’ve got pads. Wail away. Especially in the Aerobic Kickboxing classes!

MuDoKai, The Unlimited Way, combines self-defense strategies from a wide range of styles:

  • And much more!

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Our schedule accommodates your busy schedule, with classes in mornings and evenings. We also offer virtual classes so you can train from anywhere! Memberships are available to fit any level of commitment and budget.

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