Empower Your Child To Be Their Best

For kids aged 6-14, our curriculum, embraced for over 40 years by thousands of students, combines fun, an unmatched martial arts education, and child-improving strategies parents love.

Whatever goal they have, our dedicated instructors can help them achieve it (and make your life easier as they grow physically and intellectually!). Classes are held across a range of times and also virtually to meet the demands of today’s busy families.

Training in MuDoKai martial arts brings positive results. Here’s a few specific areas:

Junior Student Throwing PunchConfidence

  • Shy? Afraid to speak up for yourself? That’s ok. Classes create a nurturing environment where anyone can find their voice, both here and in the rest of their lives.


  • Children today spend their school days stuck in chairs, without much physical activity. Our Juniors curriculum was built to overcome such challenges and get them moving, in the correct ways for growing kids.
  • Being strong is more than raw muscle hitting a pad. It’s also mental fortitude. We call it “bully-resistance”. The supportive structure of every class pushes students while giving them the foundation to stand up for themselves.

Junior Student At End of KusankuFocus

  • Modern technology gives us a world full of distractions. Attention spans decrease daily. By helping students “look inward” through guided movements and other physical activities, we help them develop patience and focus.


  • Is your child unruly? Chances are, we’ve worked with someone of a similar demeanor. Our instructors demonstrate strong guidance and patience to bring most every child around. And they do so while empowering the student, giving them the opportunity to become a positive influence.
  • Often, our most “troublesome” students end up becoming the best helpers and guides for others. Taking pride in what you know and how you share it creates better kids (which makes them kinder adults!).

Junior Students SparringRespect

  • Every class begins and ends with bows to the Sensei (instructor), the dojo (the training space), and the other students. Additionally, every student (Sensei included) bow upon entering and exiting the dojo. It may seem like a small thing, but this lays the foundation for deep respect for yourself and others.
  • Our students treat everyone as an equal, whether they are a first-week White Belt or a lifelong Black Belt. They are taught that everyone has value and anyone can contribute something previously unconsidered. While rank shows experience, and thus deserved respect, we believe no one is inferior to another.

All this, and more, can be found everyday in our Juniors MuDoKai classes.

With membership programs designed for every schedule and budget, it’s easy to fit martial arts training into your child’s life!

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